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Bromo's World - comic - Sydney City NSW 2000

The comic Bromos World is about the adventures of a cat and bear who work at a radio station, PAW2U. The cat, Bromo, has his own talk radio show for a diverse animal audience. Every aspect of life is discussed. Bromo and Bear's colleagues at work include a croc, robot and a strange looking pig who is their boss. Outside work, Bromo and Bear socialise with a cow, anteater, kangaroo, worm, rabbit and many others. There are also one or two aliens with a taste for cats. At home Bromo lives with a bird. His work mate, Bear, lives with a teddy bear.

Website Link : Bromo's World offsite link

Address : -, Sydney City NSW 2000
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Phone : -

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Passion Pets Australia - Altona VIC 3018

Stylish - Warm - Luxurious ... describes our exclusive range of handmade dog coats, made from the finest quality polar fleece sourced from Australia and around the world for our exclusive range. Gorgeous colours, finest quality many fabrics exclusive to Passion Pets Australia only......So snug and warm your dog will just love it!!

Website Link : Passion Pets Australia offsite link

Address : P.O. Box 169, Altona VIC 3018
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Phone : 03 9504 3734

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Somerzby Pet Products - Somersby NSW 2250

You love your pets and your pets will love their new Somerzby chicken coop, rabbit hutch, puppy crate, guinea pig cage, dog kennel or cat enclosure.

Your children will be thrilled with the exciting range of fun colours that make the Somerzby collection of chicken coops, rabbit hutches, dog crates or outside cat enclosures the centrepiece of your backyard.

Picture the delight on your children's faces as they enjoy hours of pleasure looking after your pets.

Our pet enclosures, crates, playpens, runs and carriers are tough.

Some of our competitors cut corners to bring you a cheap product: we don't!

We always strive to bring you the best product.

These are our designs based on years of our personal research and experience and we continually seek improvements and innovation.

We stand behind our product because we know it is superior!

With Somerzby, your pets will have a heavenly haven because our products are the best.

Website Link : Somerzby offsite link

Address : 24c Pile Rd, Somersby NSW 2250
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Phone : 02 4340 4200

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Animal Portraits & Pet Portraits - Witta QLD 4552

LM Marsh is a Sunshine Coast based artist specialising in animal portraits, pet prints, dog and cats, horses, birds, reptiles - insects!

Send your treasured pets photo and your puss or pooch will be lovingly reproduced on canvas or paper with pen, pencil or acrylic.

Delivery Australia wide in 3 weeks.

Website Link : LM Marsh offsite link

Address : 42 Sternberg Road, Witta QLD 4552
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Phone : 0428148678

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Labrador puppies for sale by registered Labrador breeders - Pampoolah NSW 2430

Top registered Labrador breeder on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia.

Registered with Dogs NSW, member 2000923650.

All breeding stock are tested and screened for a range of health conditions. These include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, exercise-induced collapse (EIC), progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), etc. Screening includes Vet checks, radiology examinations, and DNA testing.

All puppies are Vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, plus more.

Visit our informative Labrador site today.

Website Link : Labrador puppies for sale by registered Labrador breeders offsite link

Address : 22 Crows Nest Road, Pampoolah NSW 2430
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Phone : 0432665882

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Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs - Bondi NSW 2026

Professional dog walking service operating in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Owned and run by a certified and fully qualified dog trainer, you and your puppy are assured superior care.

We provide more than just regular exercise for your family pup, your dog will also benefit from obedience and recall training.

Did you know each breed of dog requires a different level of physical activity to maintain their health?

Just like us humans a dog's diet and exercise routine influences their fitness, energy levels, mood and behaviour.

As animals lovers we all want to spend as much quality time with our pets as possible. But often life gets in the way.

This is where the Eastern Suburbs Dog Walkers come to your rescue. Offering 1-5 walks per week we tailor our services to suit you and your puppies requirements.

Get regular dog walking sessions for your prized pooch.

Give us a call now for a free quote and let's get your dog interacting with other pups and enjoying the time outside while you're working or occupied with other tasks.

Website Link : Dog Walkers Eastern Suburbs offsite link

Address : 4/14 Edward St, Bondi NSW 2026
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Phone : 0284888077

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N&S Snake Catcher Ipswich, Brisbane and Logan - Goodna QLD 4300

Fast Professional Quick Service 24/7 Emergency Snake Catcher Work 365 days in a year.

Doesn't matter what time of day or night we come to u.

Fast and speedy service snake removed safely.

Highly Experience Snake Catcher with 27 years snake handling experience.

Fully Licensed and Fully Insured.

Website Link : N&S Snake Catcher Ipswich, Brisbane and Logan offsite link

Address : 82 Queen st, Goodna QLD 4300
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Phone : 0415 136 941

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https://furgetmenot.com.au - Annerley QLD 4103

We are much more than a dog walking, sitting, minding and transport service.

We believe in enrichment, engagement and training.

We will give your dog the attention they deserve!

We make the most of our time with your dog and will not only physically exercise them we will mentally exercise.

We will play games, do enrichment activities and train their manners.


Website Link : Fur Get Me Not offsite link

Address : PO BOX 672 , Annerley QLD 4103
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Phone : 0402 767 821

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Dog Barking - Toowong QLD 4066

Stop dog barking. Safe. Silent.

Stop dog barking with Dazer II. The device releases a high powered sound that dogs can hear, but humans can't.

Dazer II makes a loud, high pitched sound (115 dba) that only dogs can hear. Humans cannot hear the sound from the Dazer II ultrasonic barking dog device.

A simple 1 to 2 second activation from the Dazer II startles the barking dog. The high pitched sound has a strong, repelling effect to stop barking dogs or menacing dogs.

When on your neighbourhood walk, jog or bike ride, the Dazer II is lightweight and has a handy metal clip so you can attach it to your belt.

Have a barking dog next door? Dazer II works on a dog that is barking close by if you have line of sight to the dog (up to 7 metres away).

Dazer does not work through glass, timber or brick fences, shrubs - you need to be able to see the dog.

Dazer II has many uses. Personal & Professional.
Useful for walkers, runners, cyclists, delivery and utility workers against barking and aggressive dogs.

Dazer II is great for personal use, but is also relied on by professionals in the field ranging from water and power meter readers to social services in field teams. Dazer II will startle aggressive and barking dogs.

Beware of cheap imitations as there is only one Dazer II in the market with the high powered large disc that works and protects every time.

Effective to stop barking dogs. Up to 7 meters away. Deter dogs up to 7 meters from where you activate the ultrasonic device. Dazer II is a useful tool for barking dog problems.

There are many anti barking devices for dogs on the market but most do not give a satisfactory outcome as they are not powerful enough.

The stop barking dogs ultrasonic device Dazer II uses high frequency sounds creating a startling effect, called an alpha wave interruption - (like when a human hears a smoke alarm - it is painless and hearing is not affected).

Effective for training dogs. Easy to use. Dazer II is a useful tool for training your dog. The powerful yet harmless output is an effective reinforcement and training behaviour modification.

Deter dogs from not only barking, but unwanted behaviours like dogs jumping up on people or dogs jumping up on furniture or chewing and digging behaviour. Correct use of the Dazer helps stop these bad habits and train your dog.

Website Link : 101 iT Pty Ltd offsite link

Address : PO Box 1484, Toowong QLD 4066
Click to ==> Find on Google Maps offsite link

Phone : 1300 46 101 4

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The Happy Dog Co - Online Dog Store - Riverstone NSW 2765

The Happy Dog Co specialises in Dog Toys, Dog Treats, Dog Grooming & Health Products for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Located in Sydney's North West, The Happy Dog Co can get your orders shipped fast and efficiently.

The Happy Dog Co loves to see dogs happy and living life to the fullest. We are constantly looking for new and interesting product ranges to bring to our customers

We stock some of the best pet brands including Kong, Rogz, iFetch, Tropiclean, Sporn, Tastybone, Dermcare, Essential Dog, Rufus & Coco and Savourlife.

Offering the best products and support is our motto, so please be sure to check out the great offerings we have and help make your fury friend a happy dog.

Website Link : The Happy Dog Co. offsite link

Address : 28 Sandringham Street, Riverstone NSW 2765
Click to ==> Find on Google Maps offsite link

Phone : 1300 740 048

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Farmer Little - Hastings VIC 3915

Farmer Little believes the best food you can eat is what you grow yourself and the next best thing is low food mile local produce.

Whether you are interested in sustainability, self-sufficiency, running a small scale farm or just enjoy home grown produce and the company of small animals, Farmer Little can help you.

Farmer Little seeks out good quality and unique products for his ever growing range of equipment and accessories for producing eggs and raising poultry including chickens, ducks, quails, and pheasants as well as other small animals.

Raising and caring for poultry and other farm animals on a small scale often starts as a hobby and develops into a small business.

Farmer Little has a range of feeders, drinkers, nests, electric fences, incubators and brooders to suit day old chicks or few backyard chooks through to thousands of chickens producing free range and barn-laid eggs.

Modular nesting systems can be used in sheds, mobile houses and caravans.

Website Link : Farmer Little offsite link

Address : PO Box 392,, Hastings VIC 3915
Click to ==> Find on Google Maps offsite link

Phone : 03 5979 1666

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Cooltre Pet Boarding - Southern River WA 6110

Cooltre Pet Motel was established in 2000 as full time boarding kennel and cattery owned and operated by Charlie & Kerry Baughen. As we love all our four legged friends we treat all dogs & cat as we treat our own.

Large exercise areas, all breeds welcome fussy eaters, pick up & return available 24-hour vet on call. Grooming inspection welcome.

Website Link : Cooltre Pet Boarding offsite link

Address : 354 Furley Road, Southern River WA 6110
Click to ==> Find on Google Maps offsite link

Phone : 08 9398 8316

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Command Dog Training School - Blackburn VIC 3130

Professional Australian owned Dog Training company specialising in all facets of K9 training. Our Team of fully qualified Instructors are Nationally accredited by the country's leading industry bodies - AAPDT (Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc) and DTA (Dog Trainers Australia). With multiple locations across Melbourne come and visit us with your furry friend today! 03 9877 6522

Website Link : Command Dog Training School offsite link

Address : 19 Jeffery St, Blackburn VIC 3130
Click to ==> Find on Google Maps offsite link

Phone : 03 9877 6522

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Cats R Us - Officer VIC 3809

Cats R Us is a leading 5 star cattery in Melbourne offering luxury accommodation for your feline friends. Our cat suites are superb and have lots of windows, adjoining gardens with water fountains and lovely ferneries for our cat guests. Cats R Us is situated on 2 acres of beautiful secure gardens. Your feline friend is in safe and secure hands while you are away. Cats R Us has been operating for many years now and we have won many awards over the years for our business and services. So let us look after your cat and treat him/her to 5 star treatment whilst you are away.

Website Link : Cats R Us offsite link

Address : 275 Princes Hwy, Officer VIC 3809
Click to ==> Find on Google Maps offsite link

Phone : (03) 9707 4740

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Pooches On Pakington - Geelong West VIC 3218

Pooches on Pakington are the experts in all things pet accessory. Our staff love dogs, and are experts in making sure you get the bets product for your pooch. with passion for style, elegance and quality, our commitment and expertise mean you will always find what you are looking for. Visit www.poochesonpakington.com now, for more information!

Website Link : Pooches On Pakington offsite link

Address : 71 Elizabeth Street, Geelong West VIC 3218
Click to ==> Find on Google Maps offsite link

Phone : 0352226665

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