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Spray Grass Australia - Royal Park SA 5014

Spray Grass Australia uses innovative techniques grounded in science to deliver effective, environmentally friendly revegetation, dust suppression and erosion control solutions for Australia's mining, oil & gas, civil and infrastructure projects.We have sourced the most experienced agronomists, horticulturists & soil scientists in our industry, with world class innovative products to ensure your site is revegetated the first time. We utilise safe, environmentally friendly solutions that work on a range of locations and climates.It is critical that soil stabilisation, revegetation and site rehabilitation works are delivered effectively & efficiently with a focus on long term sustainable outcomes. Whether you need erosion control, dust suppression, soil stabilisation, or hydroseeding & hydromulching solutions, we can provide sound advice to achieve your project goals.Produce outstanding and sustainable results on your next project with Spray Grass Australia's balance of experience, science & nature.

Website Link : Spray Grass Australia offsite link

Address : 1/14 Wilson Street, Royal Park SA 5014
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Phone : 1300 040 050

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Powerstep - Archerfield QLD 4108

Power Step Australia is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of Safety Access Systems for all makes and models of large mobile equipment.We service a variety of industries, including mining, aviation and maritime industries.

We also design, fabricate and distribute heavy-duty Sun Blinds and LED lights for a variety of applications.

Our headquarters is located in Brisbane, Queensland with product representatives and product distribution located throughout Australia, Asia, Africa and South America.

Website Link : Powerstep offsite link

Address : Unit 4 / 8 Willingdon Street, Archerfield QLD 4108
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Phone : 07 3277 3977

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Surpac Training - North Perth WA 6006

Mining Patch Associates provides cost effective Surpac training in classroom, on site, or online via Goto Meeting. We also provide Surpac Training, project and support services and custom Surpac Scripting and Training services to help you implement reliable and repeatable production and reporting processes.

Website Link : Mining Patch Associates offsite link

Address : 13 Elizabeth Street, North Perth WA 6006
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Phone : 0419 949 210

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Dynamics G-Ex Pty Ltd - GYMPIE QLD 4570

We supply Australia-wide and internationally from our export warehouse in Queensland.Dynamics G-Ex is a leading manufacturer and importer of Exploration, Geological and Mining Consumables, from the initial stages of exploration right up to supplying a complete range of consumables to the fully operational mines. 

Website Link : Dynamics G-Ex Pty Ltd offsite link

Address : Exploration House, 37 Langton Road, GYMPIE QLD 4570
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Phone : 1800 105 584

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Mining Drill and Blasting - Perth WA 6104

Action Drill & Blast is a leading contractor for drill and blast services in Australia. As a specialist company in drill and blast contracting services, we deploy the latest in technology and state of the art equipment, backed by proven experience to deliver best in class results to the civil, mining and coal sectors.

As Australia's fastest growing blasting and drilling contractors, our key focus is delivering projects on time, on budget and safely. Our drill fleet and support equipment are built for purpose. Combined with 24/7 service and a committed team of over 350 experienced staff, we're all about making it easier for our clients.

Website Link : Active Drill and Blast offsite link

Address : 50 Belgravia Street, Perth WA 6104
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Phone : +61 8 9232 4306

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Prestige Universal Mining Pumps - Kalgoorlie WA 6430

P.U.M.P is owned and operated locally by Andy and Sam Grigg who have worked in the mining industry in Australia for over 20 years.We started P.U.M.P with the intention of supplying the region with cost effective, quality sales and service in the mining industry and the private sector.Our specialist staff have the experience and knowledge to deal with any situation effectively.We are a local company with extensive knowledge of local conditions and situations in all industries.

Website Link : Prestige Universal Mining Pumps offsite link

Address : 7 Atbata street, Kalgoorlie WA 6430
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Phone : 0406552426

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Advanced Mining Production Systems - Fremantle WA 6959

Your partner in Drill and BlastAMPS provides open pit and underground production (drill and blast) engineering systems and ongoing services to the global mining industry. We implement, design and optimise your drill and blast systems and procedures Our proven systems are based on industry best-practices We can provide drill and blast designs, audits, engineer training and contract engineers as requiredContact us to free up your engineers time.

Website Link : Advanced Mining Production Systems offsite link

Address : PO Box 1082, Fremantle WA 6959
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Phone : 1300 885 404

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Joinlox - Patented Mechanical Joining Systems - Tennyson QLD 4105

Joinlox is a fast growing company that provides unique, high-quality, and custom mechanical joining systems. Their patented technology has many advantages such as greater strength, compactness, cost-savings and flexibility. Easy to assemble and maintain, the Joinlox system can be applied to many different materials and uses; from piping to wooden structures. Custom solutions are also available.

Joinlox systems are entirely re-usable, offering long-term efficiency and economic benefits for a variety of applications. The compact, discrete design of their locks is a tidier, future-proof improvement over bonds and welding techniques. Say goodbye to point loads, unecessary labour costs, and irreversible joining techniques with Joinlox.

Website Link : Joinlox offsite link

Address : Unit 2, 30 Walker Street, Tennyson QLD 4105
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Phone : 1800564656

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Mining Patch Associates - North Perth WA 6006

Mining Patch Associates are specialists in the field of IT strategy for the mining industry. Our consultants are experts in geology, mine planning and production management tools and technologies. We provide IT consulting for; database administration, IT network and infrastructure consulting, custom software development and IT Project Management.

Website Link : Mining Patch Associates offsite link

Address : 13 Elizabeth Street, North Perth WA 6006
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Phone : 08 9443 6887

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