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Search LOCALLY.com.au - About

What We Do...

That's simple enough... We're trying to encourage Australians to search for their "local" Aussie business websites.

And that means providing you with various alternatives to help you "discover" local Australian websites you didn't know about... Websites which allow you, in particular, to find out even more about your LOCAL area and the businesses there!

So that you can, in turn, give the local guy a chance to get your business!

What's "Local" Mean ?

Well, in one sense, "local" could mean "located in Australia" :) In fact, we've been promoting "Aussie" websites since we started on the 'net over 20 years ago!

But we do try to narrow it down a little here...

We try to present web search results and information relevant to your surrounding local region...

Or even the local area/town you live in, if there are enough results available for us to show.

However... since we only have a relatively "small" database of Aussie business websites to drawn on (just a measly 30k+), we provide regular opportunities to extend your search (when needed) to view customised search results from our mates over at google.com.au

And that's a "Win! Win!" on all accounts!

Why We Do It...

With SearchLocally.com.au, we want to encourage you to START with your local business and suppliers, and give them the FIRST OPPORTUNITY to do business with you!

Naturally, there will be times when you may find what you want elsewhere, perhaps even a lot cheaper, so it doesn't make sense for you to purchase locally... And we're not saying you're a bad person if you don't.

Look... I know... the Internet is global... and we can practically shop anywhere these days! But it IS important we give our local businesses an opportunity to get our business!

Just Give the Local Guy the FIRST Chance!!!

See what they can offer, and if possible use them, and help keep your community alive!

Particularly in smaller towns/areas across Regional Australia, these local suppliers need your business to stay alive, so it just makes sense!

A thriving local economy is good for everyone in that community.

Thriving local business encourages even more growth in local commerce. In turn, this actually provides you with more choice and helps keep your community vibrant and diverse!

When local businesses buy their supplies and services locally, it helps strengthen other businesses in your local economy.

Many also make ongoing donations to local charities, community organisations and sporting groups, which often depend on these donations to provide their services.

Support local business and you also support local employment... keeping local residents in work. They, in turn, reinvest their wages back into the community, and that can create even more local jobs.

You're actually supporting your friends and neighbours by supporting your local businesses!

As you can see... there's all sorts of reasons why you should start your web search LOCALLY :)

Who Are You Guys?

SearchLocally.com.au is an Internet property owned and operated by Stephen Spry, proprietor of Come On Aussie Internet Services.

Stephen's a veteran Australian website developer! He's been online since the early days of the Internet... way back in 1995.

Ever since then, Stephen has had an strong passion in promoting local content and local businesses! And over the years, he's established a variety of Australian websites to do just that!

A lot of the results used here @ SearchLocally, are sourced from those websites, mainly including results using the API from ComeOnAussie.com.

If you have a local business website and want your details to appear here @ SearchLocally... then all you have to do is make sure that you submit your business listing here!

We look forward to sharing your website with our local audience.