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Search LOCALLY Launch

SearchLocally.com.au, a new Internet based local web-search tool, was launched today by veteran Australian Web Developer, Come On Aussie Internet Services.

Owner/Operator Stephen Spry claims the new web-based tool provides "a different perspective for your local web search needs".

"It provides users with quick and easy access to local Australian web-search results, without overwhelming them with data they don't need to see!" Mr Spry said.

The next stage focusses on the ongoing development of useful information on websites in regional and country areas of Australia. "Areas which have been overlooked by the major players in the market," Mr Spry said.

Particularly in smaller towns across Australia, businesses are in desperate need of more support from their local community and need more business to stay alive!

He said "Now, with SearchLocally.com.au, we want to encourage you to START with your local business and suppliers, and give them the first opportunity to do business with you! See what they can offer, and if possible, help them to keep your community alive!"

"While it just makes sense to use their services," said Mr Spry, "there will be times when you may find what you want elsewhere, perhaps even a lot cheaper."

SearchLocally.com.au encourages users, at the very least, "to give the local guy the first chance" of doing business with you!

And naturally, the benefits of that are a thriving local economy. This encourages more growth and more local jobs. In turn, this gives consumers more choice, and keeps these smaller communities vibrant and diverse!

Mr Spry said, "These are all good reasons why you should start any web-search locally... with www.searchlocally.com.au".

For immediate release : March 4th 2015

For more information, please contact Stephen Spry on 041 208 2355.